Ranking For Local Terms – Part 1 – Maps & “Snack Pack”

Today and over the next few blog posts, we are going to teach you how to get your website ranked in the local search results.

We will go through it step by step so you can see what needs to be done.

The first question you may be asking is – Why rank for Local Search anyway?

If you go to Google and type in a search term – e.g. Personal Trainer…and then the area – e.g. Bristol

After any adverts, you will see the map results come up first and there will be 3 results listed.

This is known as the “Snack Pack”.

local ranking


The “Snack Pack” used to show the top 7 results on the map.

This changed in August 2015 and was replaced with just 3. This had a big effect on local businesses!

Overnight half of the Co’s that were on the Google search map disappeared and lost a lot of their traffic.

This traffic was effectively handed to the top 3 Co’s that still featured on the map.

What is really significant is that this becomes even more important when people are searching on mobiles or tablets.  – The map shows up first with the 3 contacts & shows a ‘Call’ next to the entries – Very powerful.

In most cases people won’t venture any further than those 3 contacts!

bristol mobile ranking

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When you consider that 69% of searches come from mobile devices nowadays (and set to rise) then you can see why this is important for your business.

So showing up in these first 3 results for the required keyword – in this example – ‘Personal Trainer Bristol‘ is very much key & very much the objective if your company is going to survive and/or thrive.

BUT – it is not easy – the search above shows there are 731,000 pages on the internet which have those keywords within their pages & a further search shows there are about 4,800 pages/websites that have that exact phrase.


How can this be done?

How can you join the elite which sit in the top 3 spots in Google Maps?

We shall show you now…

BUT – A word of warning…..it is NEITHER – EASY or QUICK!

Very little is when it comes to Google.

It is not in their interest to make Organic Ranking easy and/or quick.

Organic Ranking is ‘Free’.

Google don’t make money from ‘Free’.

They make money from ‘Google Adwords’.

So if you need to rank for and get traffic for a keyword such as ‘Personal Trainer Bristol‘ right NOW – then you need to go down the Google Adwords route.

In the meantime, you need to start this process so that you can eventually not rely so heavily (or at all) on Adwords.

In the next post we look at where it all starts –  ‘Google My Business