How to Use Opt In Forms Effectively

get response copy tipsDo you struggle to get optins from your landing pages?

If you take on board these simple tips then you will see a great improvement in your responses and build a much bigger list!

First Tip – Speak directly to your audience

Write the copy so that it speaks directly to your prospect avatar. An avatar is an overview of your ideal client. You need to know the age, gender, interests in fact as much information as possible to can collect about your target market. Speak directly to those factors.

Second Tip – Speak to only one person

Make sure you get into your head that you are speaking to one person at a time. If you write your ad copy in this way then the prospect will identify well with you and start to feel a bond with you that creates trust.

Third Tip – Keep it simple

Don’t go into paragraph after paragraph about your offer. State a problem. Explain why this problem causes pain to your prospect and mention that you have the solution – if they optin!

Try these 3 tips the next time you write an ad or put together a landing page and I promise that you will see much better results than before.