Does Your Rehab Center Stand Out From the Crowd?

rehab-drugs-USPOne of our all time heroes is Dan Kennedy.

If you don’t know who he is – look him up online, below is a link to an article of his on

 This is an article explaining how he uses trust-based marketing –

We have most of his books and a few courses and refer to them regularly.

What we like most about Dan is his ability to keep things simple but show you the power of each and every nugget of advice he provides.

One particular marketing theory he stresses is your:

Business USP

To gain a huge market share you need to stand out.

When a marketplace is especially crowded then standing out is paramount.

In the rehab niche, there is a lot of competition as you already know. So standing out and above the competition would be a positive thing for you to do.

Tom Monaghan the founder of Dominos Pizza knew this and is a great example to look at.

He entered a very crowded marketplace that was devoid of innovation at the time.

Tom came up with a great USP linked with a guarantee:

“Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less or your money back – guaranteed!”.

Look at all of the benefits in that statement:      Fresh | Hot | Delivered Fast | Money Back Guarantee

He took all of the risks away from you when buying pizza from him – he made you want to buy his pizza.

In one fell swoop, this USP completely differentiated Dominos Pizza from any other pizza company.

No mention of ingredients or cost etc.

Of course in the rest of his marketing he mentions all of those things and more but it is the headline that grabs your interest and makes you open your wallet…powerful marketing indeed!

So How Can You Use Such A Powerful Technique In Your Own Marketing?

The first thing to do is make a list of all of the features of your business.

Let’s say you are running a drug rehab center in Florida….

These may be the features:

90-Day Residential Treatment

Chronic Relapse Help

Drug Rehab Program

Alcohol Rehab Program

Rather than market the features we need to look at the benefits these features provide for the client.

So a 90-day residential treatment will help the addict to survive in a drug-free environment with other people with the same illness for 3 months. It is well known that it takes around 90 days to break or make a habit. Of course, addiction is much more serious than that but being in a drug-free zone with like minded people is bound to be beneficial.

If we look at the chronic relapse help feature then the benefit, is obviously help for people who relapse back into addiction. We could craft a strong USP for these two benefits as follows:

“Looking For Long-Term Relapse Help That Really Works? Our 90 Day Residential Treatment Program Works Where Other Programs Have Failed”

Obviously this is not the strongest USP yet but after a few rewrites it can be made much more powerful…..

When we craft headlines for our own clients, for their content, we typically write down 50 different headline ideas and then rework them over and over until we hit on the most powerful version.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into how to craft your own USP for your business.

Standing head and shoulders above your competition is key in this day and age so try out these ideas and send us your best ones!

Does Your Rehab Center Stand Out From the Crowd?
Article Name
Does Your Rehab Center Stand Out From the Crowd?
You need to have a strong USP for your business in order to stand out from the crowd.